A reflection and artwork by The Rev’d Chantal Noppen

Good Friday: Cross

Today we mark the crucifixion and death of Christ.
We lament
We sigh
We stop
We ask why
We eat Hot Cross buns, which we might have made 
(or Hot Cross Scones if you fancy a change)
We might pray, walk or reflect on the Stations of the Cross 
We give thanks for this opportunity to appreciate anew what it means to love. 
To live and to sacrifice, for others.
 To take risks to help others, putting oneself in the frontline to support the more vulnerable 
(God bless the NHS, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, all key workers etc)
We stand in remorse and regret that we still don’t learn,
 that we remain selfish and judgemental,
 too quick to find fault.
We marvel at the incredible ability of the planet 
to regenerate and recover now we’ve been forced to give her some respite.
We wait. 
Knowing that this is not the end. Not of all things. Just maybe of what was. 
But that it is right to stop a-while and breathe deep. 

Giving thanks that we can. 
Praying for those who cannot, and will not due to Covid-19.
We pause. 
We ask that God will have mercy, that those who die and those who mourn, will be given peace.
We look forward to being able to say ‘it is finished’ with an ironic smile.
We wait and we wonder, what next? Where do we go from here?

Let us not be tempted to wash our hands of our responsibility to love our neighbours 
and care for our communities.
 For if the cross teaches us only one thing, it is the world-shattering power and importance of love.

God of the Cross,
May you bring us a clearer vision,
a better vision, for the future.
Give us the wisdom to stay home, stay safe.
Grant us courage, strength and faith.
At the cross we leave our burdens, our thanks and our hopes.
Into your hands, oh God, we pray.


Rev’d Chantal Noppen, 10/04/20

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