Into the Wilderness |text/reflection

Into the Wilderness ….

Into the wilderness I go.

Day one. 
What to expect? 
What wild beasts will be lurking this year?
Prowling, stalking, waiting
for the right moment to pounce on my conscience.  
Last year I met with a bewildering world of lockdown 1.
My wilderness was then full of souls fighting over pasta, 
bags of quavers and the infamous British toilet roll.

The mean nature of humanity sat on the same seat as the compassion of kind eyes and caring hands, seeking to manifest the good in all.
Will you journey with me into this the wilderness of this year?
I am in the wilderness, this year, more so.
Struggling, striving, isolated, not thriving-
Day one and I am already paralysed by my wild beasts 
staring back at me.
They are there already waiting.
Lurking, prowling, stalking waiting.
What if that bread really is a stone?
What if those angels merely snatch at your feet?
Not ready to catch you, just yet?

What if that world you see
where human kindness and compassion flee
becomes the new normal?

It’s happened before.
Please, will you journey with me in the wilderness?
I can’t do this on my own.

I know in my heart that I am in this wilderness for a reason.
I am in the wilderness.
I am in this wilderness.
“I am” is in this wilderness.
He has been here before.

Will you journey with me and with Him?
Allow Him to guide you, 
to be the still small voice of sanity in your own wilderness.
I know He is with me, because He said He would not leave me.

Into the wilderness we go
with the wild beasts of my own imagination.
See you later – bye.

Rev’d Rosie Tallowin
Rector and Pioneer Minister
Parish of Fen Drayton with Fenstanton